About Me

Dr. Tyler R. Hancock

- Recently relocated to the Seacoast from Hanover, NH.  
- Attended University of New England College of Dental Medicine - Received DMD in 2017 as a member of the inaugural class.
- Continuing education from the Pankey Institute in Key Biscayne, FL and Drs. William Strupp and Michael Brumm in Clearwater, FL.


What sets us apart?

Our very specific protocols in which we restore teeth.

Click for restoration process

The core values behind all my work

Customized treatment

Every patient deserves a comprehensive exam which leads to a personalized treatment plan that can be delivered at the patient’s pace. This allows us to look at the entire mouth as a whole rather than one single tooth. We strive to discover the reason for breakdown before completing treatment.


We are a relationship based practice which means that mutual trust must be established before any dentistry is completed.

stable occlusion

Having a stable occlusion prevents teeth from breaking down prematurely or being functionally unstable. We are constantly looking for signs of instability which includes cracks, leakage, wear and muscle tension.

painless dentistry

We are devoted to patient comfort which includes absolutely painless local anesthesia.


We feel strongly that each patient deserves to know what we see so you can make your informed decisions. We don’t wish to sell you any dentistry, we are here to help you reach optimal oral health.

Quality of Care

Any treatment we provide will be held to the highest standards. The goal of our dentistry is to give the patient the best chance for longevity in their dentition. Not all dentistry is created equal, Dr. Hancock will always take the time needed to achieve optimal results.